C-130T Upgrades Reduce Maintenance, Improve Reliability

At cost and ahead of schedule – that is how Tactical Airlift Program Office (PMA-207) describes the completion of its C-130T Electronic Propeller Control System and Engine Instrument Display System (EPCS/EIDS) installations last month.

The EPCS upgrade replaced mechanical propeller control system components that required excessive maintenance time and were significant KC-130T aircraft readiness degraders. Major system components that were replaced included a propeller control housing and synchrophaser system, while maintaining the legacy four-bladed propeller rotating assembly. Also, included in the EPCS installation were an electronic valve housing, electronic prop control, annunciator panel, modified mechanical pump housing, and a propeller maintenance panel (PMP).

“These upgrades will improve component time on the wing, thereby reducing maintenance hours,” said Stowell. “An added benefit is that the PMP stores propeller control data, including malfunctions, therefore assisting maintainers with troubleshooting and repairs.”

The EIDS installation replaced 43 obsolescent analog cockpit gauges with two flat panel displays. The new displays not only provide better reliability but significantly improve human systems integration attributes.

This contract completes a combined effort, under multiple contract vehicles, to equip all Navy and Marine Corps C/KC-130T’s with these systems.

Source: Naval Air Systems Command

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