Mercury Launches Defense Industry’s Highest Density DDR3 Memory Device for Military and Avionics Applications

Mercury Systems, Inc. announced that it has launched production of a highly miniaturized DDR3 memory device perfectly suited for SWaP-sensitive military and commercial aerospace applications demanding 1600 Mb/s data transfer speed. Mercury’s precision-engineered packaging technology now compacts 4GB of double data rate third-generation synchronous dynamic random-access memory (DDR3 SDRAM) in a single 301 mm2 ruggedized package, setting the industry standard for the highest density DDR3 device. The new 4GB DDR3 high density secure memory product, available in x64 and x72 architectures, is manufactured at Mercury’s Advanced Microelectronic Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

Next-generation mission computing and sensor subsystem designs need additional DRAM capacity for simultaneous processing of numerous wideband data streams. While attempting to double or triple the number of discrete DRAM devices, system architects frequently encounter a scarcity of available space for integration of these components. Mercury’s newest memory product surmounts this space restriction by vertically integrating the equivalent of up to five DDR3 memory devices into one densely-packed, low-profile ball grid array (BGA) package less than 2.5 mm thick. Physical footprint reductions up to 59% are realized without compromising the benefits of high-capacity DDR3 memory. For the highest levels of reliability, the integrity of the mechanical and electrical interface to the customer’s subsystem is assured through the selection of a lead alloy solder.

“As threats to our military forces grow increasingly sophisticated, mission-critical data processing systems are tasked with the dichotomous requirements of adding additional memory capacity and simultaneously lowering size, weight, and power demands,” said Iain Mackie, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Microelectronics Secure Solutions group. “Advances in our unique memory densification and ruggedization technologies bridge the gap between these seemingly incompatible requirements. We are proud to offer the industry’s most compact 4GB DDR3 solution optimized for harsh, SWaP-constrained military and aerospace environments.”

Mercury’s heritage of packaging innovation is built upon a foundation of trust and security. Critical components and raw materials are sourced only from supply chain partners with established manufacturing sites within the United States. All of its high density secure memory products are designed and manufactured in a Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) trusted facility in the United States. Electronic records are protected by an active cybersecurity program modeled after the Center for Internet Security (CIS) critical security controls. Furthermore, several of Mercury’s Advanced Microelectronics Center facilities have received a Superior Rating from the Defense Security Service (DSS).

Source: Mercury Systems, Inc.

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