Elbit Delivers Upgraded ICTTS to Israeli Home Front Command

Elbit Systems, a global leader in the field of training and simulation, has delivered to the Directorate of Production and Procurement (“DoPP”)of the Israeli Ministry of Defense the next version of its ICTTS – Incident Command Team Training System, which is already in use by the Israel Defense Force’sHome Front Command (“HFC”). Newly introduced features allow the integration of military and other organizationsinto a joint-control tactical training arena, as well as a higher level of performance in preparing for current and future risks.

Comprising operationally-proven technology, the ICTTS is an advanced ground-based training system capable of simulating a wide range of realistic scenarios for emergency response training. Operated through multiple trainee stations and controlled from within an advanced network-centric command post, the ICTTS can train up to hundreds ofsecurity responderssimultaneously, with participants assuming different roles in the event management processdepending on their areas of responsibility.

The current simulator has been updated to address the need for a more effective and affordable solution that incorporates civic administration and municipality security forces (such as law enforcement personnel, emergency management coordinators and first responder teams), while offering the flexibility and customization needed to meet evolving security challenges.

The ICTTS  chosen by the DoPPincludes highly realistic representations of many potential threats, hazards and incidents. At the end of each training program participants are presented with a complete performance review report based on their actual actions along with visual representations of the scenario. This allows them to evaluate, learn from and significantly improve their decision-making processes.

Yoram Shmuely, General Manager of Elbit Systems’ Aerospace Division,said:The “ICTTS’s new features provide the HFC a strategic advantage in preparation for emergency incidents. It provides unprecedented training synergy for decision-makers to formulate solutions to complex emergency situations, enablingthem to maintainmaximum response readiness for their municipalities.»

Source: Elbit Systems Ltd.

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